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Many gearboxes and axles use different materials and operate under different conditions. A single oil used for both applications may compromise protection and efficiency. Shell Spirax oils are formulated to help deliver the specific oxidation, shear stability and performance characteristics needed to best provide protection, power and efficiency for each application.
Protecting axles and gears can reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life and maximise your return on investment. The Shell Spirax range of axle and gear oils offers proven protection, including the latest synthetic oils that deliver exceptional wear, pitting, bearing-failure and corrosion protection for heavy-duty axles, transmissions and gears operating under highly stressed conditions.

Bearings, gears and oil pumps must be well protected for a long machine life. That’s why
the Shell Morlina range offers a range of bearing and circulating oils, from robust, reliable products to fully synthetic products fortified with extreme-pressure (EP) additives. The Shell Morlina range enables you to match the oil life of the fluid to your operational needs. This includes specialty products that continue to function even when contanimated with water, dust or dirt as well as the fully synthetic Shell Morlina S4B, which provides the longest oil life under severe conditions in the Shell Morlina range.

Every part in a compressor has been meticulously engineered, so it’s important to find a lubricant that will protect and maintain its performance. Shell Corena compressor oils promote system efficiency by suppressing foaming, releasing trapped air and rapidly separating out condensed water. They also help reduce wear, so your compressors can continue working as their designers intended.
Whatever your technical needs and operational conditions, there is a Shell Corena compressor oil to help you get the most from your equipment investment. The range includes the latest synthetic oils for enhanced wear protection in high-temperature conditions and extended operations.

The Shell Omala range of industrial gear oils lets you select the oil that will deliver optimum value to your operation through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.
Shell Omala gear oils offer protection across a range of applications and includes Shell’s latest synthetic oils such as Shell Omala S4 GX, which provides exceptional long-life performance under extreme loads and temperatures. Advanced synthetic oils such as Shell Omala S4 WE can offer additional benefits with improved energy efficiency.

Whatever you need greases for, Shell can help. Our international research and development team works in partnership with customers and equipment makers to create the latest advanced-technology greases. Shell Gadus products are designed to outperform conventional greases with a wide range of thickener technologies that keep the grease in place even under challenging conditions. These are combined with innovative oils that provide highly efficient lubrication and protection.
The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last, and the less lubrication maintenance for your equipment. With a full product range of Shell Gadus greases, you can select the grease to best meet your needs.

To help your equipment perform to its design standards, the hydraulic fluid needs to protect, lubricate and help transmit power in the most effective way. Shell Tellus hydraulic fluids are designed to help maintain – and even improve – the efficiency of hydraulic systems.
Whatever your needs there is an option that can help optimise your system’s efficiency and costs of operation. The Shell Tellus range of hydraulic fluids provides reliable air release filterability and cleanliness, and the latest synthetic, ashless technology to help extend pump life even under the most severe conditions.

Shell offers a complete range of lubricating oils for stationary power-generation engines burning gas, heavy fuel, gas oil or liquid biofuel.
All of Shell’s power-generation engine oils are designed to minimise deposit build-up and to help keep your engine clean. For example, Shell Argina is specifically formulated to keep piston under crowns clean, maintaining cooling performance and preventing hot corrosion. For gas engines, Shell Mysella XL provides superior deposit control, even in engines with high piston temperatures. This maintains excellent ring belt cleanliness and cylinder liner protection.

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